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  1. CapnKirk
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    Greetings to all from Ottawa Canada.

    Another creative soul in your ranks. I first got turned on to this 3D printing a month ago when I read an article in Fast Company magazine about Makerbot Industries in the US. That peaked my interest. I've been looking for a JIT manufacturing option for some ideas I have for aftermarket automotive products. I bought the makerbot product for local prototype printing, as I will have rough quality to prove my designs. When I'm ready for a prod run, I expect to make heavy use of Shapeways...a great combo.

    Anyways folks, good to meet all of you at the start of a great revolution of putting design and production power in the hands of the everyday person...

  2. ggurov
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    Oooh, aftermarket automotive stuff. I've been involved in that for quite a few years. What did you have in mind ?

    Asking around the office, i believe the stainless steel could be used for one-off turbo manifolds to test different placement of the snail, as long as the contact surfaces can be planed after the fact.
  3. CapnKirk
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    Interesting...I've ordered the sample pack to see what the materials might be capable of standing up yo. The site has a standard on most materials that they are for decorative purposes only..which I assume is a liability 'CYA' type statement, but I'm hoping that some of the metallic compounds would allow for some functional parts with a little post-process machining.

    I'm starting by focusing on the motorcycle segment of automotive to start. I have a book of designs that now need to be modelled in 3D, which I've started doing myself. Slow start, but I'm picking it up quickly, so I expect with a little dedication I'll soon have my first part ready for the Replicator.

    My first designs will likely be some custom emblems for tanks, then work up to some custom turn signals allowing for LED inserts.

    Any advice would be welcome for sure. I'm thinking this now warrants moving this discussion into a different thread.

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