Annoying Issue With Tinkercad

Discussion in 'Software and Applications' started by chopperaddict, Sep 29, 2017.

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    Hi MrNibbles

    Thanks once again for your detailed and explanatory response

    I think I have now (finally) got Tinkercad to brehave as I feel it should, but do very muich agree that there are several areas that I will indeed report to the developers for hopefully, updates to make it more obvious to users as to how to achieve the things I have been trying to do.

    So, onwards and upowards as they say, I can achieve my aims with tinkercad now, thanks mostly to yourself ! I am now getting down to making my CR10 function using Simplify3D and Repetier, which serems nice, but blnklyrefuses to actually print anything, despite telling me it is "active". Ah well, just something else for me to learn, as my SIG file says, "Learning Fast" because there certainly is a great deal to be learned in 3D printing, even at my currently low level. :)