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Discussion in 'ShapeJS' started by ProfessorBeekums, Sep 17, 2014.

  1. iconxware
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    I don't see 'Picture' as an args type select option. Is this going to be active soon?

  2. drloris
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    Okay, so today I discovered that my canary file rendered without crashing in the shapeJS co-creator. I've not heard anything from Beekey, but if you did something then thank you!
    If it just resolved itself then ... no idea...

    So I discovered that the version of my fob generator which I'd left in a cocreator was rendering, but under certain circumstances missing part of the design. Further investigation suggested that it's down to what value the parameters have been given.

    For a numeric argument:
    positive value -> the value
    "0.0" -> 0.0
    "0" -> a very long variable string, starting '/tmp', then a long identifier, ending in '.x3db'
    "" -> as above.

    So it looks like the output filename is getting passed in for zero or unspecified parameters.
    Should we call that an unintentional feature?

    Incidentally, for :
    "0" -> 0.0
    "" -> undefined

    Now obviously, we could work around this in co-creators, but my guess is that it's unlikely to be stable behaviour.

    Here's the code I'm running:

    function main(args) {
      var text = args[0];
      var w=50*MM;
      var out=new Text(text,"Roboto",2*w,16*MM,2*MM,0.1*MM);
      var grid = createGrid(-w,w,-8*MM,8*MM,-0.5*MM,2.5*MM,0.1*MM);
      var maker = new GridMaker();
      return grid;
    Just in case anyone else was wondering about drop-down lists and radio buttons - they give the option string, except for the "-- please select...--" string in optional drop-down lists, which gives the filepath.
  3. Hi drloris!

    Yes, we recently found a bug causing some scripts to fail as ShapeJS cocreators (but they would work on This has been fixed. Sorry for not giving you a heads up!

    I've filed a bug for being unable to pass in '0' as an argument.

  4. drloris
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    Thanks Beekey, I was hoping that was the case.

    Is there any reason why we can't use shapeJS co-creators now? I thought I'd got it good to go, put in an order using it (four diverse parameter sets) and all four items were cancelled.
    I just checked one of them - used the same parameters on the same script on, and the model seems okay; it passes the the wall thickness check, and it has a lower material volume than the maximum setting.
    I sent a message to service already, but ...well, you know.
    I'm wondering whether the data files got lost somewhere in the submission process. The preview was looked fine, but I couldn't click on them in the cart listing (no link), and they are broken links now. They were listed in the order confirmation email, but given that this happened fairly quickly on a Saturday, I'm thinking they must have failed some initial automatic check. I don't think they were even added to the card charge.
  5. drloris
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    Update on my above post.
    I've been told by email from support that the item cancellation was a bug, which has been fixed.
    But I haven't tried again yet.

    I wonder whether it was the same issue as caused crashing in the preview window - I noticed that I got a "co-creator to do list" box in my design page. This has details about the parameters used, and what looks like the entire script.
    So I suppose that the script is re-run to generate the file for the order.

    If that is the case, then it could make a solution for the "theft of design" risk we discussed above quite straightforward.
    Suppose that the spec said that one of the args passed in was, say, "1" for the preview display, and "2" for the order.
    We could then generate subtly different designs for the two cases.
    This could have other benefits as well. I would like to use a lower resolution for the preview display, so it would return much more quickly.
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    Is it possible to load an STL file into a co-creator?

    Is it possible to have more than five inputs? It seems to be limited to five. Is there a way around this?

    Is it possible to download a model of my own preview while I am logged in? I haven't found a way to do this without purchasing a print.

    If the new model is completely generated by the code, what is the purpose of the uploaded file other than to display an example of what can be generated?
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  7. drloris
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    I think the answer to the third question is that you can - you just need to do it via instead. That may or may not be satisfactory to you, but my guess is that since this functionality exists it won't be a priority for the devs.

    The others are good questions, or at least, some of which I was wondering too.

    I now have three different designs from my cocreator through the checking stage and in production, so I have bitten the bullet and made it active on my shop. But I have set it to beta, at least until they arrive.
    Have a look: Patterned Letter Steel Keychain

    I'm pretty happy with it - but please do let me know if you find any issues.
  8. twoshay
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    Is this cocreator still available? I'm working on a couple of ShapeJS-customizable ideas right now. The Google Docs link in the OP (to sign up for the pilot) isn't finding the doc.

    Tim Shay

    shop - 'twoshay', nothing public yet though...hopefully within a couple days as I get my photos and stuff all organized.
  9. twoshay
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    Never mind... I just realized the Pilots hub page had a 'sign up for the wait list' link.
  10. twoshay
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    Has the ShapeJS Cocreator pilot been put on pause for adding developers? I signed up for the wait list a couple of weeks ago, then did it again last week. I don't want to spam it if it's actually adding to the list... don't wanna be 'that guy'. But I've got a couple of designs on hold right now that would need ShapeJS. The new Customizer app is definitely a good thing... but I'm using just a little bit of other stuff like ringwrapping and alternate fonts...

    I'll sit tight if new signups are actually on hold... I know there's a big revision coming soon. If not, *bump*!

    Tim Shay
  11. bulatov
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    ShapeJS is having major overhaul. CustomMaker pilot is small preview of capabilities of new ShapeJS.

  12. twoshay
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    Hey... is there an approximate ETA (plus or minus a few weeks) for the ShapeJS update? I just had a minor brainstorm this morning and came up with a couple of model/product ideas... but they need multiple user-entered variables that I can't do with CustomMaker. I don't really want to put a whole lot of time into modeling something that would be seasonal (like... say a Thanksgiving Dinner table decoration with multiple names placed on it) if I wouldn't be able to have something ready for ordering by 6 weeks or so before the holiday to be sure it's deliverable in time.

    One other question... for folks that were able to make it onto the 1st edition of ShapeJS' pilot... are they able to post items for public purchase, or is it a closed pilot for model owners? I can't really tell if some of the current customizable public-shop items are ShapeJS v1, CustomMaker or are co-creator items being handled manually by the shop owner.

  13. twoshay
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  14. niquegeek
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    Is this still being overhauled?
    (AKA BUMP)
  15. AlanHudson
    AlanHudson Shapeways Employee Dev Team
    Yes we are actively working on it.

    We are doing a few examples creators to make sure we have all concepts convered. Take a look at our latest ornament creator page as an example using the new system:

    Learned a fair bit from this one especially around printability for objects for complex scripts.

    Sadly I still can't give a delivery date yet but know that we are making progress. My approximate ETA now is Dec for a new ShapeJS IDE and then Jan for a product page facing experience.

  16. bulatov
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    So cool! I didn't realize those creators were made with this.
    I'm really looking forward to it! Keep up the good work!
  18. Any new updates on this timeline?
  19. twoshay
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    (bump!) Just curious if there's any update on this. I've been sort of idle in terms of design for a while, mainly because the majority of my new ideas are things that would need a programmable co-creator. I'd love to get onto the beta (or even alpha! I'm a developer myself and have no issues with getting cut on the bleeding edge) if ShapeJS 2 is getting close to a co-creator release.
  20. twoshay
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