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Discussion in 'Official Announcements' started by bgeorgakas, May 15, 2018.

  1. ChristianH
    ChristianH Well-Known Member
    What's your new GoTo place now?
  2. aglhoule
    aglhoule Member
    Actually I found a place to print in Wax in montreal city close to where I live. There is also a website called starrwax and apparently they offer wax and casting services :)
  3. highwingpilot
    highwingpilot Member
    Agreed. The changes, along with your new logo, suck. "Strength and Value" as a materials category? What a confusing load of jargon-speak. Sounds like some marketing nerd got hold of the reigns, and has steered Shapeways towards a cliff. Resin Acrylate was amazing stuff. Porcelain was next on my list to offer designs in. Ah well... time to find a new print vendor.
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  4. ChristianH
    ChristianH Well-Known Member
    What have you guys done to your website?
    It's horrible.
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  5. crashtestdummy
    crashtestdummy Well-Known Member
    I'm losing my faith in shapeways, it seems like the goal has become to drive off customers particularly the tech savvy folks and replace them with newbies who have a lower expectation or just don't know how things used to be.

    I haven't given up on SW but there maybe a time soon if things don't improve for us the designer. If we fail so does SW.
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  6. highwingpilot
    highwingpilot Member
    And while we're at it, Shapeways... what happened to the Black Hi-Def Acrylate Resin. That material was amazing. Reasonably afordable for the finish. And actually better quality and more resilient IMHO than your waxy Frosted detail plastic (or whatever you've decided to call it these days. Not happy about losing the Acrylate Resin. I think I'll just have to buy a Form Labs printer and sell these prints directly to my customers. Very frustrating.
  7. ronstew
    ronstew Member
    It's been a year or so since I ordered from Shapeways. Your new website look is horrible, and the navigation is abominable. I have been unsatisfied with your older nylon for bike parts - too brittle in the real world - and was looking forward to trying the HP stuff. It was supposed to be just a little more expensive than the old style, but now it is 3.4 times the cost. You've likely lost me as a customer. You have certainly stopped me from recommending your services.
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