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  1. javelin98
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    This, right here, is indicative of the lack of customer-oriented planning by SW Corporate. Sure, it may make sense to some engineers huddled amongst the printers, but from a business perspective, it adds confusion and makes it more difficult to discuss materials options with my customers. As an example, if I said I wanted to buy a Samsung Galaxy, would you have the ability to hand me the specific model I want? No, you wouldn't, and shame on Samsung for making such a boneheaded business decision to name all their products the same. The shorthand is really useful in those discussions. If nothing else, you could at least come up with some decent marketing language for the various materials, like such:

    White, Strong, and Flexible --> Rough But Rugged Plastic - White (RRP-W)
    Frosted Ultra Detail --> Highly Detailed Plastic (HDP)
    Frosted Extreme Detail --> Amazingly Detailed Plastic (ADP)

    Or name the materials after the machines they are printed on, like "Acme Best Detailed Nylon" and "Acme Rough Nylon" (which I'm obviously just making up).

    I'm sure you creative types can come up with something better. Although, that begs the question: why didn't you? At the very least, why didn't you ask for input from the field?

    Second point: You have our contact email addresses in your database. Is it too much trouble for your PR folks to send out a direct-to-shopkeepers announcement with some attention-grabbing headline? I don't spend much time on the forums, so, like others, these changes were a surprise to me. I don't think things like this should be relegated to the newsletter, either; there needs to be something that shouts ATTENTION! HUGE CHANGES COMING! OPEN THIS EMAIL AND READ IT OR THE CONSEQUENCES ARE ON YOU!

    And then give us some advanced notice so we can (again) start the laborious process of updating all our items.

    This, times a million. No other print-on-demand site has the shop owner-friendly features of Shapeways. That's why I still use Shapeways. But it's a symbiotic relationship; without us, you have no products and therefore no income. Without you, we designers don't have a place to sell. Please, start giving us some consideration in this relationship.
  2. stonysmith
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    If I can help with the CSV, I'm more than willing to pitch in.. What trouble are you having?
  3. tebee
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    I too see the lack of information on how things are priced as a retrograde step. It stops us designing things to be produced at the cheapest price. Our products may therefore be more expensive than necessary,. If they are more expensive few people may buy them - then both us and Shapeways lose money.
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  4. javelin98
    javelin98 Well-Known Member
    It's a designer's natural state to maximize efficiency. There's no benefit for Shapeways to interfere with that, as needlessly expensive models only serve to discourage purchasers.

    Some general principles that I hope will guide Shapeways going forward:

    More transparency is better than less;
    More flexibility is better than less;
    More advanced notice is better than less;
    More user control is better than less;
    More collaboration is better than less.

    Please involve us in making this place better and better, because we're almost all intelligent and creative people.
  5. As a first time customer, will the sample materials kit contain the old materials or will there soon be a new materials sample kit? If there will be an updated sample, when will it be available?
  6. argostudios
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    What a complete disaster! I haven't got any notification and my whole jewelery business was built around castable wax material! My orders always got delayed with the excuse of too many orders, and now you're saying it is a less popular product. Wow. You are not doing a good/honest job here.

  7. knoted
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    It's moments like seeing these comments to work of mine which makes me go SIGH :(


    The investment I put in these Transformers upgrade sets in terms of prototyping money, time & design effort spent and doing everything to keep the price reasonable - without compromising design quality - I dunno, it just feels like wasted effort sometimes and these Shapeways changes aren't helping one bit.

    I know they're just facebook comments but still.....
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  8. Sparkshot
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    You think I/we have time to rewrite over 200 sets of instructions to convert WSF and FUD to the new names. Bet that didn't cross your collective mind.

    Come on, this isn't wise or clever.

    It's bad enough you canning materials and buggering up 100's of people's efforts as it is without unnecessary 'marketing moves' like the above. I can understand maybe the need to cancel certain materials but after the aggro and money wastage it causes, 'monking' with certain settings isn't good.

    Oh... ohhh ...ohhhhhhh.
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  9. bgeorgakas
    bgeorgakas Shapeways Employee Product Team
    The textured surface of the new Matte Bronzed-Silver Steel is quite similar to the Matte Bronze finish. However, the color is more similar to the old "Stainless" (now known as Polished Bronzed-Silver) finish. It can range from a silver-gray to a reddish-bronze color. I hope this helps! I'll also take a look at the finish descriptions on the material page to see how they can be improved.
  10. bgeorgakas
    bgeorgakas Shapeways Employee Product Team
    I'll have our team look into issues with the CSV tool.
  11. bgeorgakas
    bgeorgakas Shapeways Employee Product Team
    Unfortunately, we can no longer take porcelain orders. I know this is a bummer. However, we did offer a couple alternative vendors for 3D printed ceramics in our e-mail.
  12. bgeorgakas
    bgeorgakas Shapeways Employee Product Team
    Thanks for pointing this out. We have since updated this this error on the site.

    For affordable materials, I would recommend Versatile Plastic (Nylon, Previously known as Strong and Flexible), Sandstone and Steel.
  13. bgeorgakas
    bgeorgakas Shapeways Employee Product Team
    Yes, there will be a new materials sample kit coming in the weeks ahead.
  14. Blitza
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    Shapeways, you lack on so much, Special Comunication to your Shop Owners and Customer.

    Dont wonder when you will Lose alot of People ordering here or selling, your no more different from other Print Services or even lower then them.

    That whas made you has gone already, and now your even more canceling materials ….

    Shapeways you Dug your own Grave you could say, wait few Months and you see it better….
  15. MrNibbles
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    FYI, I had a couple of variant products with models offered only in porcelain. The change caused the variant structure to completely lose the links to the different sized models that made up the variant product. I'm guessing that if I want to offer these variants again in something like a plastic material I'll need to restablish all the links, etc. But I'm posting this on the off chance that the linkage information is somehow recoverable.
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  16. I used castable wax quite often to make jewelry. I saw shapeways as partner, bridging the gap between industrial machinery and local business owners.

    It would have been nice to be redirected to other companies that provide the same services and materials that they discontinued.
  17. javelin98
    javelin98 Well-Known Member
    Hooray! I just (13:02 PM, Pacific Time) got the announcement email regarding the new changes in the materials. Thanks, Shapeways!
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  18. crashtestdummy
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    All that seems to have done is added confusion to the market. Also from the naming conventions it seems like the implication is ether there is going to be yet more renaming or that we will not see improvements going forward. Example:
    Fine Detail Plastic

    Had "smoother" been used not only would that stick with with English language conventions but the whole naming convention should a even better finish become available or it implies that that is the limit and no further improvements are expected.

    Also some of the naming conventions ask more questions like "What if I need a professional product that is versatile
    which do I pick?" Since they are similar products with similar characteristics, Nylon Type#1 and Type #2 or some other name so it comes across as being similar yet different.
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  19. crashtestdummy
    crashtestdummy Well-Known Member
    Some of the other (all?) of the big printing services have eliminated the porcelain, SW was the last big shop that I knew of that was still making it available. I've herd elsewhere it is a product that kind of works but not ready for prime time as it seemed when it was rolled out. Lets hope that the process can be made more reliable and/or cost effective that it cam make a comeback.
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  20. EBard
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    Seriously Shapeways? I found out about this renaming of materials when I uploaded a new model and noticed all the material names were different. This is unacceptable. How hard can it be to send out a mass email to all shop owners a few weeks in advance to let us know about the new material names? Failing that, how about at least an email on the day of the change!?