Announcing "3d Print On Hold" Beta

Discussion in 'Shapeways Beta Testers' started by NimlothCQ, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. Model_Monkey
    Model_Monkey Well-Known Member
    SW, any word on extending "3D Print on Hold" to the market?

    After several weeks of successful printing, my shop is experiencing a string of cancellations over the past few weeks. Extremely unusually, one of the products has been canceled 3 times as of today for the same customer. For that product, which has always passed the autochecks, each design tweak took just a few minutes to make. Surely this iterative process to meet the 3D print engineer's requirement could have been done behind the scenes very quickly without frustrating the customer who I have now asked to re-order the product for the third time.

    Interestingly, the recent "Helps us resolve..." messages have come with the same unusual-looking screen captures. Just speculation, but are these rejections coming from the new partner in Ogden, Utah? "Learning curve" issues, perhaps?

    Really looking forward to the extension of 3D Print on Hold to the market. It would be a big help.
  2. lensman
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    Yeah, it does get frustrating. I recently had an old pendant design that had been printed NINE times in FIVE different metals rejected because the details were too fine to print.... Not so.
  3. woody64
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    Was taking a look on the news in the forum and found this burning topic still not solved yet.

    5 minutes later I found a "Yippee" and "Help us ressolve" mail in my box.

    First it was one of the crude rejections where they tend to reject forms which sharpens on an edge, which has nothing to do with thin walls or thin wires.
    Second the correction, upload and customer mail was done within 2 hours. Normally it's possible for me in 1 to 2 days where a "Customer: 3d print on hold" would make so much sense.
    As said also from some of the others before for me as designer this feature is complete without value. I can easily reorder since I know the process. For a customer that's a break he doesn't understand and maybe doesn't order again.

    In principle I also understand and support that SW wants to deliver trusted prints and therefor also generates customer value, but they need to sort out some topics:
    - "3d print on hold" for customers as general way to react
    - getting rid of wrong rejections
    - dealing with design rule changes and rejection of old products. I have products for nearly 10 years in the shop and don't ask me how often I had a bunch of redesign work caused by such changes (=> please beware also my investment as designer in time and test orders)
    - bearer and printing multiple items. As also seen in a lot of discussions bearers are one of the major rejection topics. We can get rid of bearers and all rejections involved if there would be a suitable price model for ordering of multiple items of a type or maybe designer.

  4. shrap_x
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    This is fantastic news. This happened a few times and a minor tweak would have made the part printable, and prevented a second order.
  5. que_sarah_sarah
    que_sarah_sarah Shapeways Employee Community Team
    Hi all! Thanks so much for coming back around here. We understand that model rejections are a pain point, and doubly so when it comes to your customers ordering models from your shop.

    We are working to improve your experience and I'll make sure that your comments reach the right departments. Thank you again, as always, for your support. Your feedback helps!