Animatronic Baby called NANO

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    ok last week some of you may remember i posted a thread asking for a modeller to create a mesh for a project i was doing.
    Thanks to everyone who responded, and im sorry that in the end i closed the thread due to high price quotes. following this i modelled the mesh myself.

    Photo reference and first phase mesh:

    Part complete mesh over reference.

    The final mesh: (made available to buy)


    MEET, 'Nano.
    (Neonatal Animatronic Newborn Offspring)

    as well as that i have been creating the internal mechanical rig.
    A few changes have been made since there images were captured.

    The mechanical rig will allow for "up to" 11 servos to be installed.
    Although the rig will never need 11 servos. In making more available space with in the rig will help me in assembly once i get this printed.
    The rig is designed to be printed in one whole piece. and the mechanical tolerances have all been designed to work straight out of the printer.

    All ill need to do is add servos and join up the linkages.

    How this rig all works will be shown once i can fund getting it made.

    Just to make things a bit clearer, i will not be printing the Head mech i modeled previously. this part was simply so i can work out the internal space with in the 3d model. (The main reason i didnt feel comfortable paying huge amounts on getting it modelled.)
    But again i have made that available to buy. as i do with most of my work.

    Once the rig is all up and running i will be making a series of moulds from the original physical model. this will allow me to create an underskull and also a silicone skin to dress it all with.

    I hope you'll find this project of interest.
    i will be "printing" the whole body, etc also.

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  3. InnerbreedFX
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    Model just in.
    2013-04-25 15.05.01.jpg
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  4. UniverseBecoming
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    Nice work! :eek:
  5. UniverseBecoming
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    That eye photo reminded me of THIS! :laughing:
  6. InnerbreedFX
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    lol Thanks James.

    No 3D Printing here..... :blush:


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  7. Dotsan
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    Great project, I look forward to further updates. Out of interest without naming names, what was the highest and lowest price you were quoted for your original request?
  8. InnerbreedFX
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    thanks for your comment.

    they fell in at GBP £250 - £150. i then got a really good offer that im not willing to publish but by then i had started modelling it myself.
    again thanks to everyone who contacted me, but the job was for a quick reference and as you can see there is far more important things to this project.

  9. Tresob
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    This is a totally wild project! It's going to give me nightmares for weeks...but it's totally wild!
  10. InnerbreedFX
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    Thanks Tresob,
    and im sorry for the nightmares. lol

    once this baby is up and running (Autonomously) then the nightmares will begin.
  11. FabMeJewelry
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    This post is awesome, no nightmares here only dreams !
    Too bad we can't fast forward, i'd love to see the finished product.

    Is this for the movie industry or for a super realistic toy ?

    Keep sharing :D
  12. NormL
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    Very cool work. Thanks for sharing
  13. InnerbreedFX
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    Thanks for the comments. makes it all worth while. :D

    I had an enquiry a while back about making an animatronic baby for a production company, to be used for commercial use, but i think they pulled out due to the quote i gave them. not sure.
    and so im now just building this anyway as part of my portfolio.

    Also the initial challenge sounded exciting and so why not pursue such a project.

    I should have the head working by next week.
  14. mkroeker
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    I sense a possible application in medical training there... be it EMT or neonatalogy. But until that comes to pass,
    your pictures are the perfect response to the proud parent who emails pictures of his new offspring to all and sundry. :twisted:
  15. InnerbreedFX
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    Micro hands printed in FUD.

  16. InnerbreedFX
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    ok Here is the head mech.


    Unfortunately i have had to remove the smile actuators due to the print fusing :eek:

  17. adminsmithee
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    where does one acquire such eyes one might wonder?
  18. InnerbreedFX
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  19. InnerbreedFX
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    New hands...
    To be printed in FUD

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