Animated Dual Message iPhone 5 Case

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  1. Maundy
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    Animated Dual Message iPhone 5 Case

    This is something I decided to make on the last day of the iPhone 5 Accessory Contest.

    This iPhone 5 case holds 2 personalised messages engraved into the case over the top of each other, each message is only visible when viewing the case from an angle, 45 degrees up (for the first message) or 45 degrees down (for the second message). This produces an effect similar to those bumpy textured animated cards that animate when you tilt the card.
    This is achieved by extruding each message at a different angle onto the case in a grid like format.

    This example shows the text 'Dual Message' as the First Message and 'iPhone 5 Case' as the second message' however I can imagine this working particularly well with 2 names making this case a good gift.

    I personally think this could work well and produce a good effect.

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  2. natalia
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    wow, that's a really cool idea - did you try a test print to see if it works?