Ancient Ships Models: What Do You Think?

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Do you think there should be more, and more diverse, models of ancient ships available?

  1. Yes, diversity is always a plus.

  2. No, there are enough models already.

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  3. No, I think there are too few people interested in the subject.

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  1. CapHerlock
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    Quite a while ago, I got started on a research project about ancient ships with the aim of producing some material with a naval historian. Having had the opportunity to get to correct and plentyful searches, I present you the first of what I hope will be a series of projects based around historical reconstructions. This is a very ambitious challenge on my part, but since most of the popular and media depictions (and sometimes even assumptions) are incorrect, I feel the time has come to start putting together all the material we have available to try to get a correct picture on the appearance of warships of the Hellenistic Era.
    I've done this more for myself than anybody else, because I'm really interested in the matter and there is much more diversity than we were at first lead to believe. Opinions may vary, but I've created this thread to try to assess this as well.
    I present you the first project I've been working on: Leontophoros, the Lion Bearer, flagship of Lysimachus, one of Alexander the Great's generals. The ship is an 'Eight', although an unusually large one for the time, with 100 oars per side manned by 8 men each, meaning a total of 1600 oarsmen (800 to a side). The reconstruction proper is still a work in progress, as the material to go through is a lot and sometimes contradictory: this means more tweaks and modifications will be done before I can call this complete.
    But as a starting point based on the best reference available, this is quite accurate.
    The model will be done in 1/350 scale, but I still can't provide a reliable release date. More research time is needed to complete this ship and other similar ones that will follow.

    Leontophoros.png Leontophoros1.png Leontophoros2.png Leontophoros3.png
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