Anchor of Resilience

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  1. Cody_Rauh
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    This is the first creation I have brought into the world, but it is merely one of the many to come.

    anchor stainless steel.jpg

    I was pretty excited, and while I understand it is only a jewelry piece was pretty bummed that no one really shared my excitement about it.

    But anyways, my work is my work, is usually not understood by those who know me. No post processing fun or anything like that, just print and love.
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  2. Your piece does look nice. Judging by the size of the printing artifacts, it's fairly small. Can you explain the name a bit - why is it the anchor of resilience?

    I, too find that it is difficult to make things when there is no feedback. I depend on the feedback from people for energy and for perspective. Sometimes, I need the direct criticism to improve what I make. So, keep showing things (unobtrusively) to your friends and family, and soon you'll have a good source of constructive criticism and feedback. Some people I know were immediately enthusiastic. Others were skeptical or extremely confused ("You carved this?"). Over time, though, their understanding of the possibilities and the limitations of the process has expanded. Now, my friends and family are starting to generate ideas of their own.

    So keep going!
  3. denali3ddesign
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    What may help you get feedback is to offer a story about the piece. I find that is one of the hardest to create, but most valuable elements of a marketable product.

    While looking at your piece, I was very intrigued by the name (great name, btw!), the modeling is clean and well executed, and I scrolled down hoping for a story to explain the meaning of the name and piece. I was honestly disappointed when there was none. I would have just moved on if you hadn't sounded disappointed yourself about no one sharing your excitement.

    So tell us a story - people love stories!

  4. lensman
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    Ditto what Marcus said (although I am guilty of this myself, too)!