Anatomically Correct Skull

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  1. MuseumofSmallThings
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    Back in 2008 or 2009 I uploaded a human skull model I made. The skull has a fully articulated jaw that snaps into the main cranial skull part. I only ever ordered the Jaw as it was the cheapest part. I always intended to order the cranial skull part but was too lazy until just a few weeks ago. So finally the two parts are together now. One thing I noticed though is that the Jaw was more yellow even though I never handled it. I assume this is because of age, exposure to air or possibly the heat of the laser in the sintering process being hotter? Regardless, I am happy with them. I took some photos before much handling makes for a grubby skull.

    Skull_03.jpg Skull_02.jpg Skull_01.jpg
  2. MuseumofSmallThings
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    I forgot to mention that the Skull is 85% life size. I was cost cutting as usual.
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    85% life-size or 100% life-size of a small individual! :D

    Great job, by the way. I've worked with some very rough CT scans - not easy.