American Bison Head Sculpture Wall Decor Faux Taxidermy

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    Hi, this is a second big animal head i done recently. I reworked my old 3d model of the american bison.
    Seems, now the bison looks very well. I hanged it on the wall in my room. Take a look at pictures.
    I printed it out with my own 3d printer as well, like my wolf head model i already showed here. But i also think Shapeways will cope with this task no worse.
    Bison Shapeways shop link, size options: 15, 30, 50 cm. Photos:
    american-bison-faux-taxidermy-wall-decor-01.jpg american-bison-faux-taxidermy-wall-decor-02.jpg american-bison-faux-taxidermy-wall-decor-04.jpg american-bison-faux-taxidermy-wall-decor-05.jpg
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