Amazingly fast 3D modeler

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  1. enginyr
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    818 445-3987 or visit
    3d modeler
    $35/hr and speak perfect english! :laughing:
  2. manngoo
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  3. TomZ
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    I think this guy is offering himself as a modeller, not looking for one.
  4. slempert
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    I need to hire modelers who can work for me and complete a project
    that I need done by March, do you have that kind of availability? It
    will be a lot of work in Feb, and I need someone to start right away,
    starting this week 1/23 and work strait through Feb. I can pay, please
    send me any past work and your hourly fee.

    If you have that kind of availability, please contact me with your
    information and I will send you the files and instructions to make
    sure you can do the work.

    Also the work incorporates 3D text, so I am especially interested in
    anyone who has worked with 3D text that needs to be printed in

    Thank you,
  5. Hi

    I can do the work for you fast. 3d text absolutely no problem,

    30 000 hours 3d modelling experience

    Check my web sites


    send me a small job an I will do it for you for FREE


    George Dvorak

    Chief Designer
    inZane thingZ
    3dm Corporation