Amazing Freely Rolling Konoids

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  1. vgenel
    vgenel New Member
    These geometry based objects are real life implementations of a conceptual idea called Sphericon (google it!).

    By the way all images including the one above are stereopairs prepared to be viewed using cross-eye method. If you have the skill you can see them in 3D right now!

    It's available in three different sizes and many materials


    And Jumbo

    As being Sphericons they follow its rules - they roll infinitely on any slanted flat surface. Even more - they are constructed entirely of cones (well almost - except the tips).

    YouTube video

    The story of it started last June. Being a puzzle designer I love to receive interesting geometrical things, so my wife bought me a birthday gift - an oloid.
    An idea of a not perfectly round thing rolling freely got me interested and I found another object of the class - sphericon. Soon its descendants, the Konoids came to life.

    The experience of printing a Konoid was very enjoyable - you can see it in gold. I am sure the other materials will have no problem. The only caveat was that I could not print it in ceramic. Can you imagine a ceramic piece of art constantly rolling away? Unfortunately by the rules of the process a ceramic object must have a base to stand on during the finishing operations.
    The Konoids don't have that by their definition.
    I hope to resolve this with the Shapeways guys soon. They are very nice and responsive.

    During my work on Konoids I found many other interesting shapes which are now being printed...
    If you have any problem or wish to have them in a custom size, please contact me directly
    I hope you'll enjoy this creation in any form and material and amaze your friends with it!
  2. natalia
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    this is great!