Aluminium Casting Services?

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    I was wondering if there are any places that do one-off casts of aluminium (or any light metal)?

    What I want to do is to get my part printed in Detail, and get it sent off to be cast in Aluminium. Are there any companies that do such a thing?

    I'm in the USA now.

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    Google worked... try 'usa aluminum casting services' (note the US spelling of aluminium)

    But if you're willing to give it a try, you can cast it yourself with an alloy call 'True Metal' (a tin/bismuth mix that melts at around 135 celcius), below is an example of a little robot figure I made a few years ago, the mould for the metal was several layers of liquid latex painted onto a hand carved wax model.

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    I was at a plastics fair last week, just around the corner of the current SW HQ. One vendor showed a Metalised 3D printed piece of UK based 3DDC. Feels and looks amazing! Just send them your .stl and they give you a quote. You can also send them your 3D print for just the metalise process.

    Or ask Amsterdam based FoC what they did with the L'Oreal packaging.

    cheers, Ivo

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