Almost All My Items Have Disappeared From My Shapeways Marketplace Shop

Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by lawrencekramer2014, May 13, 2020.

  1. lawrencekramer2014
    lawrencekramer2014 Well-Known Member
    Almost all my items have disappeared from my shapeways marketplace shop, they are still marked as 'show to public' and 'offer for sale' in my products listings, but they no longer appear in my shop. Sent an email to support, waiting for a response. Almost all of the items have been printed in the past, not all variants, not all ring sizes. Anyone else having this issue?
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  2. rolsen01
    rolsen01 Well-Known Member
    You received the email about most metals not being printed right now? And those items being removed from selling
  3. lawrencekramer2014
    lawrencekramer2014 Well-Known Member
    No, that would have been helpful. o_O
  4. rolsen01
    rolsen01 Well-Known Member
    Dear Shop Owner,

    We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and healthy.

    With some of our facilities temporarily closed or on reduced capacity, we are currently experiencing significant production delays for all cast metal orders in Silver, Bronze, Brass, Gold, and Copper. As a result, we are only accepting new cast metal orders in Natural Brass, Natural Bronze, and Natural Silver (non-interlocking) with extended lead times.

    Until these production facilities reopen, we are temporarily disabling new orders of the following: Platinum, Gold, Copper, polished Brass, polished Bronze, polished Silver, and models with interlocking features in cast metals. We're seeing this supply chain shortage on a global scale due to the pandemic but are working with all possible solutions to bring our production back on schedule. This change will affect your customers and your product listings on the Shapeways Marketplace and on external platforms. Please read on for additional information.

    What will happen to my product listings for these materials?
    If you're selling on the Shapeways Marketplace, we have removed these materials from showing as available options, and your customers will not be able to order in the restricted materials.

    If you're selling on external platforms, your product listings remain unchanged and your customers may still place orders for these materials. We recommend notifying your customers of this change and disabling these material options. Automatic orders already pushed through our integrations for the unavailable materials will result in an error. We will notify you when production resumes and the materials are available again, at which point you will be able to push the failed orders to Shapeways through the Etsy or Shopify integration apps or programmatically via your custom API app.

    How will this impact my customers?
    Since the product listings will not update automatically, we recommend notifying your customers of the production delays for these materials. Alternatively, you could prevent your customers from placing orders by temporarily disabling listings for affected products.

    What will happen to orders that haven’t shipped yet?
    We are still working on shipping all outstanding orders, but with significant delays.

    When will these materials be available again?
    It’s hard to know when but we’re expecting production to remain paused for at least a couple of weeks. We’ll notify you again when production resumes.

    How do I disable listings on Shopify and/or Etsy?
    Here are some guides to help you temporarily disable listings on Shopify and Etsy.

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. If you have other questions about changes related to COVID-19, please visit our COVID-19 FAQ page where we share the latest production updates and answer common questions from the community. Alternatively, you can also reach out to our customer service team by emailing

    The Shapeways Team
  5. gordonlardi
    gordonlardi Well-Known Member
    this does not relate to my missing items. Of the items left to buy in my site, you can still pick a silver material option while most of my product selection is gone. I have written to Shapeways and am still waiting for a reply. I have been posting my product here for over 7 years and now most of my ideas are missing. This is very distressing.
  6. gordonlardi
    gordonlardi Well-Known Member
    This is not true in my case, see picture taken on 5-16-20 12am
    this product is one of the few left on my site that have not been removed
  7. gordonlardi
    gordonlardi Well-Known Member
    did you get a resolution from Shapeways?
  8. lawrencekramer2014
    lawrencekramer2014 Well-Known Member
    I got an email on the 12th stating the same as above. Since my shopify store ( ) was not affected, I have to remember "don't panic." The products were completely removed, not just some variants; hopefully all the products will re-appear at the appropriate time in shapeways marketplace. I'm going to have a beer and try to relax. ;)
  9. philnolan3d
    philnolan3d Well-Known Member
    I have the same problem. Most of my shop items are gone so I'm getting no sales, regardless of material. The ones that are left still have precious metal options. I tried to contact them on Twitter but got no response. I'll try contacting the support email
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  10. victorrings
    victorrings Well-Known Member
    i have this same problem... i have to say that shapeways has really dropped the ball on this one... there is no reason to remove the products from the store but would have been easier to add a stamp... and note to the shop that says that this particular product isnt available in this format... i really think that there is other things that shapeways could have done from the very begining to help its users, creators and customers. it is as if they were not thinking...

    allow me to rant for a sec...

    several years ago when shapeways decided to open its facilities in the United States... they decided to open their facilities in the new york area. i thought to myself that it was the worst decision that they could have ever made. new york and to a greater extent california... have become a buisness wasteland, where decent and productive buisness like this go to die.

    at the time i thought and even suggested to powers at management that they chose my favorite state... TEXAS instead... but really they could have chosen so many others instead... anywhere in the middle of the country... or even out of the united states... like mexico or canada...

    anyways... they didnt... and this whole COVID thing is just another reason why that is panning out to be a bad decision...

    rant over... hopefully at some point they will resolve all of these issues and get it back to production again.