All orders on one page - kinda silly

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by PeregrineStudios, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. PeregrineStudios
    PeregrineStudios Well-Known Member
    Hey folks,

    A quick suggestion for the website today.

    For those who sell primarily through Shapeways, this probably isn't as much of an issue - but for those who resell on Etsy etc. the 'Orders' page is getting steadily bigger and bigger and bigger, and that scroll box is getting smaller and smaller. Would it be possible to split our orders up into pages - perhaps separated by month?

  2. bartv
    bartv New Member
    Thanks Christian, it's a good suggestion - I'll track this issue.


  3. PeregrineStudios
    PeregrineStudios Well-Known Member
    This is getting to be more and more of a problem for me - the 'Orders' page is actually starting to take longer and longer to load due to the sheer size of it.

    On the topic of organization, I also think the ability to arrange our models into folders - to keep 'My Models' organized - would also be of huge benefit to those who have a lot of models to keep track of.
  4. giorgio79
    giorgio79 New Member
    I just noticed as well the lack of a pager on the orders page. Any ETA for this feature? :)
  5. bartv
    bartv New Member
    I'm afraid we never give ETA's ;) I'll push again, but I suspect this one isn't very high on the list right now..