All-Metal Circa 1898 USS Holland Model Submarine

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    I am new to the forum and have a few questions. Please excuse my lack of 3-D printing knowledge .
    I am proposing to build 6 all-metal USS Holland submarine model kits in 1/12th scale ( 54" Length ).
    The fittings will be cast in silicone bronze, using the lost wax casting method. The fittings will consist of turrets, hatches, bollards, propellers, etc. I would like to use the 3-D printed models to make RTV moulds for moulding the wax models. The wax models will then be invested into a ceramic stucco moulds for casting the silicon bronze parts.
    What is the best procedure and plastic material for my method ? I would like to have the highest resolution and semi-durable for the RTV moulding process.

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    Check out out post production techniques section. Almost every experiment that has been done with Shapeways materials is in there.