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  1. crystalfontz
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    Anyone have advice on how to take a sheet metal part, or boolean assembly from Alibre and actually have it exported in a fashion that Shapeways can digest without innumerable non-manifold issues? Looking at the part in Blender just boggles the mind for issues, and deleting all the non-manifold stuff just makes the part go away... any thoughts?

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  2. WiKKiDWidgets
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    Sweet mother Mary and Joseph!


    Are you sure that was manifold when you exported it? Can you export it to any other formats? Like. .OBJ or DXF?

  3. awelter
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    One possibility is to export the file from alibre to stp 203 or igs or acis and then reimport to alibre. In the next step you export it to stl.

    Another possibility is to import the stl file to minimagics. Even if minimagics says that there are errors, don't bother, reexport to stl and upload. Sometimes this helps.


  4. madox
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    How I get by :-

    Set a maximum cell size in the STL export options. This usually fixes it for me (small cell size).

    Meshlab :)

    Just bought Alibre :)
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    I think this is useful data at least those using Alibre.

    I use Alibre Express (the free version). I did have a two days bout :mad: of frustration with manifold froblems on uploading the Alibre generated STL files. Two days of my summer vacation :twisted:

    I tried to solve with Netfab freeware. Then serendipitously found MiniMagics (free) and tried that. It solved the trouble. Just open the Alibre generated STL files, MM shows if part is Ok (mine has this far) and then save newly as STL. I haven't had any such trouble since... :D


  6. crsdfr
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    Okay think I got all of it,

    Main problems were;

    - All normals were the wrong way around. Simple enough to fix.
    - Little cutouts that you'd made on the three little knobs caused the knobs to be hollow and have no thickness.
    - Duplicate face to make the "lip" on the top of the knob. It was also just a single plane, not a manifold. I've removed the lip. You will have to re-make it, or just leave it off. It was far too small to actually print anyway.
    - On one of the knobs the translation went bad where your teeth/gear feature is connecting to main body. I've left it as my program fixed it, but you should be able to just cut out one of the 'good' ones to replace it with.

    Hope this helps :)


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