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Discussion in 'Software and Applications' started by rawkstar320, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. rawkstar320
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    Hey everyone,

    I was thinking of purchasing a CAD package and I came across Alibre Design. It is a Parametric, Mechanical Engineering Design package that seems very power and acts much like that of SolidWorks. (What I typically use)

    Now, the reason I am switching is due to cost. I would like to own a fully legal, commercial license of a software so that I can do more consulting. Is there a better package out there than Alibre? Do you use Alibre and think the price was worth it? (its only $99, $599, $1200 for the 3 different levels) I was planning on starting with the Personal version ($99) and later upgrading to the Expert Version if i liked it enough ($1200)
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  2. fx2
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    I use Alibre Design. I think this software is great. To be honest, I think functions are lacking in some areas compared to the other much more expensive parametric 3D CAD softwares (SolidWorks/SolidEdge/Inventor). However, most of these shortcomings have workarounds. I think the best advice is to download a trial version and try the software with a "real" project ...

    I guess you won't find any parametric 3D software for less than the price of AD. In the "non-parametric but affordable and user friendly 3D CAD" family, there is also ViaCAD (
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  3. rawkstar320
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    Ill check out VIA Cad too. I remember trying a demo of it for the mac...

    Have you tried TurboCAD? It seems to support quite a few more file types.

    And yes, I am trying it with a real project next. I have a client with a project and I am going to attempt it on Alibre.

    Thanks for the reply!
  4. madox
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    I use it and love it, wish I waited for V12 (using V11.2)...want to write text :)
  5. fx2
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    About one or two years ago, I bought an old version of TurboCAD pro V12. I tried to draw in 3D with this software but it seems much more difficult to use than Alibre (TurboCAD has got more functionalities in some areas). Too bad, because there are good deals on eBay for NIB older versions of TC...
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  6. rawkstar320
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    Looks like im getting Alibre Pro. The offered me a deal I couldnt refuse...

    Hate those things...

    Thanks for the replies!
  7. madox
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    What is the deal? :) Dare I ask?

    They got rid of the $99 sale I think...or is it still on?
  8. rawkstar320
    rawkstar320 New Member
    for the Pro version (Normally $600) it was discounted to $449, plus $199 for maintenance. I got the Maintenance package because they are coming out with V13 (or 2011, they are not sure what to call it yet) in September. So...I figured..why not?

    PLUS, I got a 6 month payment plan - No Interest.

    They still sell the $99 version, but it doesnt import/export anything hardly.

    Quick question, when I export STL files, they look pretty...sketchy to say the least. Rough, Bumpy, uneven etc. Some areas are smooth, some are not. (I viewed this in MeshLab, in some areas you can see it on the shapeways viewer too)

    Is there a setting somewhere that determines mesh quality? Or is this just purely cosmetic...and not physical model effecting?
  9. fx2
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    You can choose the STL export settings by clicking on tools > Design Options>Filetype dropdown list > STL
  10. rawkstar320
    rawkstar320 New Member
    Thanks, that helped a lot.

    I have a lot to learn with this new software...its so radically different from what I am used to.
  11. madox
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  12. rawkstar320
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    I want to get some stuff Ponokoed some day soon. not sure what though...

    So I poked around your site as well, and went ahead and added it to my links page on my site Http://