Airplanes and Vehicles in 1/144

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  1. kymatti
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    Hi all,

    i am looking for someone who can create me some Airplane and Vehicle models in 1/144 scale. To get an idea from what we talking about, please go to my shop at and take a look.

    I am looking foreward to hear from you

  2. bertus
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    Hi Hans

    I can help you 3D modeled some airplanes, since i have many blueprints of them
    My question is . . what is the purpose of making the models?
    Do you sell them?


  3. lmcdesign
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    Hi, i have some experience doing miniatures for printing. I already did LEGO weapons, Film's starships, WWII tanks and G.I.Joe models. I'm sending you a PM.
  4. kampfflieger
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  5. lmcdesign
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    Yes anybody can do it. But is not the ideal by far...
  6. coines23
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    Not without a lot of rebuilding. I've worked on a few turbosquid models for clients, and getting them ready for print takes hours to days. In some cases, I ended up rebuilding the whole thing with print in mind, just using the original model as a reference.
  7. kymatti
    kymatti New Member
    Still looking for an artist
  8. kymatti
    kymatti New Member
  9. kymatti
    kymatti New Member
    again looking for a artist
  10. barkingdigger
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  11. kymatti
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  12. Noting that you have bumped this thread several times: Is there something specific you find lacking in the several responses you would seemingly have received, going by the various responses on this thread?

    I did not respond to the thread myself, though I do design scale models of vehicles and aircraft at various scales, 1:87 and 1:160 being most common, because I assumed you would have received more than enough responses already. However, if you're still stuck, please PM me. Thanks.

  13. kymatti
    kymatti New Member
    still looking for an afordable artist :)
  14. Sharpen3D
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    My name is James Liang, from Sharpen 3D. We would be happy to help you with your design project.

    We are a 3D printing designing firm. We specialize in creating 3D modeling design specifically for 3D printing. We are a team of experienced designers, artists, and printing technicians, with wide range of design experience to help your concept to reality. From simple shape to spaceships, from figurines to prototypes, we can handle anything you can think of. All our designs will be optimized for the size you intent to print as well as type of machine you intent to print on. Many of our clients have our design printed successfully at Shapeways.

    One of our key specialties is to model from as few as one single image and be able to extrapolate the entire 3D object or figure.

    We approach everything professionally and we will offer you the best pricing. Our goal is to build long term business relationship and help both of us grow our businesses.

    Please take a look at our website:
    You can also reach me at for any questions.

    Thank you

    James Liang
    Business Development
    Sharpen 3D Solution

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  15. kymatti
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    PM sent