Airbus A318

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  1. eagle
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    Hey friends!

    I'd like to share my recent model with you. The smallest aircraft manifactured by Airbus:
    Airbus A318


    Product page:
  2. Dragoman
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    nice model!

  3. UniverseBecoming
    UniverseBecoming Well-Known Member
    Yes nice job! :eek:

    I was thinking how difficult it must be to paint these scale models. Two ideas I had for making it easier would be to take advantage of the 3D printing aspect and make a template along with the model. Something like a thin veneer that would fit perfectly over parts of the model to be painted. The other idea was to take advantage of capillary action. Take those windows for example, lets say one were to design in a kind of sponge like structure in the shape of each window. Then, to do the painting, the artist would simply touch each window with a tiny bead of paint and BAM the bead would be sucked into the shape of the window.

    The capillary action idea wouldn't work for highly scaled models due to the definition of the current printing technology, but lower scales would be doable. Did I say that right? I know nothing about scaled modeling. :p
  4. eagle
    eagle New Member
    @Dragoman, @UniverseBecoming

    Thank you! It's nice to get some positive feedback about models for a newbie in 3d print world.
  5. dukat03
    dukat03 New Member
    Just curious and i'm new to this site but was this printed with Shapeway or your own printer ?
  6. eagle
    eagle New Member
    @dukat03 Welcome to Shapeways :)
    Unfortunately this is just a render image of the model. You can find printed models under "it arrived" section of forums.
  7. he3dprinter
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  8. he3dprinter
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    seems very smooth