Ahoy there me hearties!

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    I almost went with 'greetings' - but where is the fun in that... :)

    Well, I've been an active member of the Blender community for several years now so I might know some of you from that realm of the internet. I'm a Zbrush user as well, but not particularly active on their forums at the moment. I've kept my eye on 3D printing and Shapeways for a while, but it's only recently that I've actually got my feet wet so to speak.

    So far I've had three designs printed, two of which I can show here, the pirate one being the only one available for sale - for the time being of course. The bird earrings were a gift, so I don't intend to sell those publicly.



    There are more photos of the pirate pendant in the 'it arrived' thread and my shop, so I won't post them all again here.

    A bit more about myself - I'm from Adelaide, South Australia. I actually had the pleasure of meeting Duann in person last year. Also met Bart in Amsterdam while I'm name dropping. Top blokes. Kicking myself that I didn't organise a trip to the Shapeways office while I was in the Netherlands though. I've met one or two more Shapeways users in Adelaide as well, but give us a shout if we haven't crossed paths yet!

    I've been working in 3D / digital production for a few years now, mainly in advertising and entertainment, but fortunately all the people I work with are artists at heart. We are basically all looking in to 3d printing in some capacity, but with a broad range of end goals in mind. Hopefully the rest of the studio will be able to share some stuff in the future as well.

    Personally I'm interested in the jewellery applications at the moment, but also other artistic uses such as statuettes. More pirates, sci fi characters, adventurers and other fantastical art to come is basically the plan.

    Looking forward to using the Shapeways service more!
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    The detail is incredible. Experienced Zbrush users are capable of some almost unimaginable feats of sculpting. Maybe post these in "It Arrived" as well so people don't miss them.

    (Edit) Ah! I should have checked. You just did post them there. :blush:

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    No worries. I'm still getting my head around the finer details of what to post where. In spite of my join date, I'm still relatively new to certain areas of the site.
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    Welcome Ben, if you have a question of where to post, there are some pointers here