Affordable Expert Modeler Who Is Proficient In Shapeways Design Requirements

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  1. EVMConceptz
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    If anyone is looking for a great affordable 3D modeler, contact Paul at

    I recently had him create a 3D Model Design, and he does incredible work. He knows the In's and out's of Shapeways design requirements, and walked me all the way through the process as well as adjusted my final model in order to be printed by Shapeways.
    Paul offers exceptional skill and knowledge in Shapeways as well as CAD design, I started with a semi finished designed and he adjusted all the measurements and details in order to be able to print from Shapeways as well as be proportional to the rest of the model.

    I decided to write this forum post in response to his excellent work. Communication is great and he lets you know exactly what will and won't work. And he will try his best to make your model perfect.

    So if you want an affordable 3D modeler who will not let you down contact Paul at
  2. ShishiRanger
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    I just emailed him a project I needed him to do for me :). Thanks for the email link by the way :).
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    Hi, How is the project going with the modeler? Would you recommend him?
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