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Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by HenryAlfredo, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. HenryAlfredo
    HenryAlfredo New Member
    Just wanted to say i've made some suggestions before and some of which are incorporated, and whether or not i was the only one for suggesting these, thank you for that, as well as for all other improvements :) i like the direction Shapeways is heading.

    i thought about an affiliate/referral program.

    I think it would be a nice feature, for as much as i like the creativity and ingenuity behind successful marketing, i prefer to design. Marketing takes a lot of time, specific skill and persistent effort. I believe that's a paradox many designers have to face. I'm not weary of updating all outlets on which my designs are offered to the public, and increasing my visibility, that i see as completely necessary and my job, even fun and exciting since i'm always anxious to see which newly printed designs 'catch on' and which don't. However there's of course a difference between publishing your newest designs and successful full-time marketing.

    Ideally the system would allow to:
    let shop owner add an referral agent
    track which referral agent sold which item to a customer
    let shop owner add an email / paypal / pickup address of the referral agent (or give agent own login interface with all necessary options)
    let shop owner set universal item fee be it a percentage of the markup or a certain nominal amount for the referral agent
    inform the referral agent of any updates to the referral fee (in nominal value) per email
    periodically (biweekly/monthly) inform the referral agent of the referral agent' balance
    add the fee to a virtual balance which pays out until it reaches $30

    Maybe the system can be made implicitly by use of the coupon code system, in such that the 'coupon code' instructs the system to add an amount to the referral agent' balance. Optionally, the agent may function as a distribution hub for countries where customers find the $20 shipping rate steep and distribute shipping over bulk orders.

    Let me know what you think.
  2. bartv
    bartv New Member
    Thanks for the suggestion HenryAlfredo! We're tracking it on our internal 'community wishlist' document. I'm afraid I'm not able to give any ETA for it though..


  3. HenryAlfredo
    HenryAlfredo New Member
    Thanks Bart,

    On the agenda is already better than not at all ^-^
  4. somersault1824
    somersault1824 New Member
    Hi there,

    Is there any update on this suggestion? I would love to have it available.


  5. giorgio79
    giorgio79 New Member
    An affiliate program would be essential to drive more sales. This is one of the big secrets behind online juggernauts like ebay and Amazon.
  6. UtorCase
    UtorCase Well-Known Member
    The big secret of Amazon is their affiliate program. That is how they generate their massive traffic.

    If Shapeways wants to take on Amazon, an affiliate program could be a great addition to the marketing arsenal. Otherwise, the giant may just trample SW
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  7. ShayneTWright
    ShayneTWright New Member
    Affiliate program looks dead in the water :(