aeroplane shape - Can i print a model with solid wings and a hollow body?

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    I'm totally new to 3D printing and glad I've found this site / hub of activity.

    I've modeled a very simple military drone. It intentionally has a low-poly feel. Please take a look at the attached drone.jpg.

    A couple of questions. Firstly, I've left the edges un-beveled to accentuate the low-poly look. Will this print OK in full colour sandstone?

    Secondly, I want to make the body of the model hollow to minimise cost. So, I've extruded the body inwards by 2mm (Adhering to the full cover sandstone minimum supported wall measurements) and made two large escape holes on the bottom. However, it seems to me that the wings, tail plane and propellors should remain solid as they are thin, too think the the uniform 2mm inner extrude I've executed.

    So my question is, can Shapeways print a model that is part solid and part hollow, or would I need to print the wings, tail plane and propellor separately and glue them on? I was thinking that by closing off the wings on the inside of the model, that the result might be that the printer would leave the powder within the wings, but that the powder could exit the body through the escape holes.

    Attached are a bunch of stills with notes sketched on, hopefully this will help my question make sense.



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  2. AmLachDesigns
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    Yes they can, no problem.

    When you upload a model to Shapeways, any part that has no escape hole even if you have modelled it as hollow is treated as solid. This means that if you close off the sections you have described there will be no powder, just solid FCS.

    As to whether the sharp edges will print ok, yes I believe so.
  3. simonrobson
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    Thanks for your reply, thats very helpful. it seems I might be on the right path.

    My aim is to print this model as cheaply as possible. Another question: If I were to disconnect the wings and lay them in my file parallel to the drone body, would this reduction in 'width' of my file cheapen the printing cost?


  4. AmLachDesigns
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    For FCS the price (after the handling fee) is totally dependant on the volume of material in the Model, so there would be no cost reduction. And if you decide to add structure to allow easier attachment of the wings etc (e.g. tabs or alignment dowels/pins) then the volume would rise and hence the cost would rise.
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    Thanks once again, thats helpful to know!