Advise + Printing Wooden Parts with German Invention

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    US researchers are researching casting wood like a plastic for 60 years. But they did not succeed .
    Wood contains 3 main material , lignin , cellulose and hemicellulose.
    Special material which makes wood strong is lignin.
    German Fraunhofer Institute finally succeeded to add some chemicals in to the lignin and produce heat meltable and seting wood with it.
    But they keep the formula secret.
    They sell this heat meltable wood with german Tecnaro company.
    You buy the cookie size wood pieces from them , melt and do your job.
    I think they cost 5 dollars per kilogram , produce ebony density and comes with many colors.
    If you make a powder from it and print objects with wood , it would be lovely.
    It melts 60 Celcius degrees.

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