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  1. Youknowwho4eva
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    I've finally decided to spread the word. Word of mouth has worked ok for me so far, but I've decided to rework my shop (still in progress) and get the word out that my items are available. Starting with I'm putting my renders in the digital art work (I think they look good enough to eat) with a link to the item rendered in the image so if they want to have the 3D printed item, they can. They are also available through RedBubble to purchase as prints. If you like my steampunk die so much that you want a poster of it, or even a framed print. It's up there. You can even have it as a card to send to someone when you send them a steampunk die. They use a percentage mark-up there. So order a framed print or a canvas print so I can make lots of money :p. I've linked each item to the other. You can see each at these links (I don't know the html jargen stuff to make it not the whole link, eh) -stainless-and-gold-plated-steampunk-dice ug8552
  2. stop4stuff
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    For the links, you can use code like this;
     [url= ug8552 ]Steampunk D6[/url]
    Which comes out as;
    Steampunk D6

  3. Youknowwho4eva
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    Thanks man, I know I have borrowed it from others before (one benefit of being the moderator, I can click edit on others posts and see how they make links and such :p), for some reason my brain has stopped learning new things though.
  4. mctrivia
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    just a note. you do note need anything after the 147103/ in the URL. The rest of it is just trying to trick search bots to think it is a static page which it is not.
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  5. Magic
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    Yes, by removing this part of the address, even if you rename the model the link will still work.
  6. TomZ
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    In fact, you can put anything you like after the modelnumber/ even if you rename the model. ly_functional.html
    works just as well as e_fully_functional.html

    For SEO reasons, it would be nice if Shapeways implemented a rel=caonical tag (pointing to the preferred URL with the actual model name as file name) so that in my example, the pagerank for the first link would be combined with the second.
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    Thanks Tom,

    Will pass it on