adding color in Rhinoceros

Discussion in 'Software and Applications' started by formpig, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. formpig
    formpig New Member
    I don't do rendering or texture mapping but need to add color to an stl file.

    I have the parts that need color as separate stl's.

    Can someone help me out with specific steps on how to do this?

  2. Dotsan
    Dotsan Well-Known Member
    Hi Formpig
    I've been using Rhino 3D for over 10years.
    Once you select the mesh
    Go into object properties
    then into material from the drop down
    choose basic
    and then the colour you want.

    If you want UV mapping you'll need additional software like blender to unwrap the mesh.

    STL won't retain colour you have to save as an OBJ file.

    Good luck
  3. formpig
    formpig New Member
    Hi VV.

    Thanks so much for this help. It's really appreciated.

    BTW, I have seen your work previously and it is fantastic...