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  1. underitall
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    Hello fellow Shapies.
    I have made a few models over the past year in SketchUp that I have got printed in WSF which worked fine, but for however much I try I cannot get colour to work on my models.
    I have followed the tutorial exactly and I just can't work it out.
    I can get the texture applied in SketchUp & imported into MeshLab and can see it has worked, but I just get an unknown error. I have tried for hours in the past year but have just given up.
    If I could get textures to work, I'd experiment more with Colour.

    So can someone please help me add a texture to my model?
    It's very simple, the model is ready and I believe printable in Sandstone.
    I have saved it as a STL, DAE, WRL with Colour, Skp with & without Colour, along with the Image/texture I want applied all in this Zip file.
    It measures roughly 100 x 54.5 x 33.7mm.

    The Texture I want to be placed in the Middle sunk part in the centre, and fit to 100 x 62mm, or whatever fills it correctly.

    I hope anyone can help me.

    Also, if you can give me guidance as to how to texture models in SketchUp/Meshlab correctly then I'd much appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance,

    EDIT: Sorted now with thanks to Cre83D.

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  2. rangio
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    if you add the texture file I could place it using maya+rhino.
    I'm not a sketchup user so that's all I can do. :p
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  3. underitall
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    Hi rangio.
    Cre83D helped me out and I can do it fine in Blender now.
    Thanks anyway,