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    I have a little "problem" with wall thickness....

    how do you calculate the "limit" of printability of a model ?
    I know there's 1mm min for "d├ętail" and 0.7 for WSF, but... sometimes I don't know in witch case we can pass through this.

    Here is an example that will be clearer :
    If I want to print a "cone" of 3cmx3cmx3cm.... the end of the cone is going smaller and smaller... and it pass always under the 1mm limit !

    other example :
    Here is an Ogre..... (picture below)
    It's a 3.9cm figurine.... it has passed succesfully the "upload" checks...
    but the staples of the shoes are only 0.5mm thick.
    Will the model be "unprintable" or "printable" ?


    Finaly a last question : is the limit fixed by the printers or is this a limit you've decided to assure resistance ?