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  1. berky93
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    I fully understand and respect the "no full size weapons" rule here on Shapeways. If people were able to get their hands on cheap, realistic prop weapons with no safety indicator it would be bad and put Shapeways in jeopardy. But my question is about weapons casings.

    See, I have recently completed a prototype coil gun inside an old nerf pistol. But building inside a premade case is restricting. I'd love to be able to lay out my parts, measure them, and then model a case to house them for print. Obviously I would never build (or even want, wheres the fun?) a realistic casing, but even for a completely fantastical unrealistic item I want to make sure I'm within the guidelines before preceding. Modeling that would be a lot of work. Plus I love the community here and would hate to do anything against the fairly lax restrictions.

    So would something like this:
    be acceptable? (well, maybe something not lost in 1945)
  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    It's not just a Shapeways Rule. It's a Netherlands law.
  3. robert
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    Yes, the Dutch law prohibits the production of anything which resembles a gun. There is nothing we can do at the moment.

    We will revisit this when we have moved our HQ to the US. We may be able to lift this restriction at some point in the near future.


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  4. Jonah
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    You are going to have to part it to get the mechanics in so just send them several different pieces to print separately.

    yes I am American, no I don't own guns
  5. berky93
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    Hmm thats interesting. I never thought it was a law, just a very responsible company.

    Thanks for the info everyone.
  6. rawkstar320
    rawkstar320 New Member
    does that rule include toy lego gun models too? I guess I never really thought about the rule/law very hard
  7. robert
    robert New Member
    No, very small guns are not a problem. But anything which could be mistaken for a real gun is not allowed. And this is interpret very wide. Think dark at night etc...
  8. rawkstar320
    rawkstar320 New Member
    Ah,I understand. Seems reasonable, we dont allow Nerf Guns in the residence halls here at school. Its a bit strict, but you never know when your going to find that one crazy creative person that abuses privileges.
  9. Out of curiosity (I don't plan on making lifesized replica weapons myself), would it be permissible to design it essentially in kit form? I suspect not, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

  10. robert
    robert New Member
    It depends. If we recognize as a gun then we stop it. If we don't recognize then well we don't know.

    - Robert
  11. spacephrawg
    spacephrawg New Member
    Ok I have a question: what if I have something gun-like made in pieces, piecemeal, and over a period of time?

    What if its just components for a gun (non-functional and unconventional-looking of course)?
  12. robert
    robert New Member
    The rule is simple. If we recognize it as a gun or pieces of a gun we are obliged by law to stop the production.

    Without seeing the pieces it is hard to say anything about your specific example.
  13. spacephrawg
    spacephrawg New Member
  14. robert
    robert New Member
    Ok that clearly looks like a gun. If you order that it will be rejected I am afraid.