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  1. ristridyn
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    Heya guys,
    I'm not new to 3d software, but I am new to shapeways and the concept of 3d printing.
    I am currently working on a school project called 'Memory' which I hope will result in a 3d-printed sculpture.
    But I've got a couple of questions I hope you can help me out with.

    The project consist of two characters, in a romantic pose. And in the final version I would like them to rise up from a web of neurons(in relation to the theme 'memory'). But before I can do that I must know a bit more about the requirements to make this print properly.
    - Must I after joining the objects also make it into 1 mesh? (for example would I have to modify the fingers in relation to the body?)
    How does Shapeways handle that intersecting geometry?
    - How thick/big must the statue be for the fingers, strands of neurons (still to be added) to be strong enough?
    - What is the realistic price/size I am looking at when printing this?
    I am (probably foolishly) hoping to print it between 5 and 20 cm high?
    I have no need for fancy materials, a simple white plastic would do.

    All advice is appreciated.

    3D art is a medium to unlimited freedom.

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  2. Fredd
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    To begin with make sure each model is manifold, all normals calculated correctly, no stray verts or edges. (Blender can run checks on non manifold verts, stray verts and edges). Do not join yet. SW will use a Boolean union on two intersecting objects. Just make sure the two models volumes intersect, then select both, export. You will need to do this, for the obvious purpose, but also allow whoever is helping to to determine possible problems
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    Mark that they should really intersect, not just touch at the surface. The Shapeways software runs into trouble if two surfaces are really close. For example, the hands touching the other figure: make the fingers a bit thicker so that they reach into the skin.

    For thickness etc., read the material info pages. As a general 1 mm can be taken the minimum thickness.
    To get a price, upload a version onto Shapeways and see what the system calcualtes. Easy to change by uploading a revised file (bigger, smaller, more details etc.)

    The bodies should be made hollow, this should save quite a bit.

  4. ristridyn
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    Thanks , that is really helpful information :D
    I will take this with me!
    Thanks again.
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  5. bartv
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    I really like this model, please keep updating this thread when you add the neurons etc.


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