A watch for musicians !

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    Hi everyone,
    I have create a watch that does not tell the time, but the musical scales.
    The idea is simple : if you place the chromatic scale on a circle, the other scales are just a series of tone or half-tone.
    For the major scale : Tone, tone, half-tone, tone, tone, tone, half-tone. We just need to make a figure that represents those intervals, figure that won't vary.
    To get all the scales, we just have to rotate the figure, or the chromatic scale, and the figure will indicate the appropriate notes, for each fondamental.
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/mteuj97bx3ub8lt/GammesCompl%C3%A8t es.pdf

    I made a watch on AutoCAD, but Shapeways won't print it until it's strong enough to be printed. Ok, but it's my first 3D printing project, and I want to make the lightest watch possible and I don't know how to do. I tried all the materials, and I increased the thickness of a lot of elements, but maybe an expert in 3D modeling who wants to have a cool watch could give me hand...
    Please !



    PS : the notes notation is the French one, but I will make an English notation version

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    Nice design! :eek:

    All of the notations need to be completely redone or perhaps push pulled because the letters and numbers are too thin. Also, a lot of the details on top of the main body are not connected to the main body. They are hovering just above it. So you need to either boolean those details to the main body or make them much thicker.

    What material did you want to make this is in?

    Each material has a webpage covering all of the design criteria you need to know to have a successful design. For example this page covers the design rules for Shapeways' Strong & Flexible material.
  3. jeremypatrickdahan
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    I initially wanted to make it in stainless steel, but it needs to be very thick, so quite heavy.
    Polished alumide seems good for the watch, don't you think ?
    For the circle hovering on the top of the watch, it was made on purpose : the element is locked by the small round blocks but can be removed to place another one. But I know the system is likely to break, I just don't know what to do...

    Thanks !

    PS : Here's the DMG file :
    ACAD 2013
    ACAD 2010
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    It's not a matter of it breaking, the problem is none of Shapeways printers can print most of the components and embossings because of thin walls. If you tried to print that you'd end up with specks of dust for some of the parts. Just thicken everything up and it'll be fine. :)
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    JACANT Well-Known Member
    Looks good. It needed repairing in Netfabb.
    Before you upload it. Why did you not use the commands I told you about? (facetres = 10)
    It will give you a smoother model.
    I like the idea of using your own strap on the back. I would use two of these for comfort, maybe on the edges like a real watch.
    It uploaded OK. Whether it is printable? You will just have to order it to find out.
    If it fails it will be the letters. It might be worth considering the letters being engraved into the surface

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  7. jeremypatrickdahan
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    I tried the commands, isolines is quite handful, but I could not see the effect of facetres.
    I suppose it makes the surface smoother on the exported stl, but super curve detail is not a priority for now, but thank you.
    Actually I wanted to try with only one strap on the back, just to try.
    I discovered one of my friends had a 3D printer, so I will print a prototype before making more changes, and order it with Shapeways, in Alumide.
    I uploaded your file too : http://www.shapeways.com/model/1046086

    Sorry, I forgot the 2010 version again : https://www.dropbox.com/s/oacf412kyw8wbjj/M7.7-2010.dwg

    Thanks a lot Jacant !