A space ship for a barbie doll

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  1. hjalmark
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    Hey this is to any maker/3d designer that has daughters with Barbie doll interest

    I bought my 7 year old daughter the space Barbie outfit with the Barbie she got for xmas last year
    because I didn't want to get her the normal stuff, a tiny reveling dress for a cocktail party,
    seams the only think this company wants to teach our kids is how to socialize in high-end parties,
    call girl style ... thanks you Barbie

    but at least there is a light in the end off the tunnel because my daughter has been asking
    if I can get her the Barbie space ship to go with the outfit but what you know
    Barbie only makes pink sports car, ponies and soccer ball mom´s station car
    for Barbie and Ken to ride around in but no Space shuttles.

    Been looking for this online, cant find it and then I remember we have this brilliant think
    called 3d printer own by hopefully talented people with kind heard that can
    help a guy out with a outlandish request on not that huge of a budget
    of about $ 100 dollar to spend, maybe does not sound much for some people
    but its about how much I can afford, maybe $ 150-200 but that is a total max
    but first off all, if there are any takers ?

    maybe we can discuss design ?, was thinking about a 2 seater looking like a
    smaller version of the Nasa shuttler with backflaps you could open up like the real

    Hope people could deal with my english and some one out there show interest

    Hope the best
  2. barkingdigger
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    At the risk of turning away work, you do know that Shapeways charges based on volume of material? It means big things become very expensive to print. Your budget of $100-200 would probably cover the CAD design work, but you'll be spending at least that much again to get it printed! If the "shuttle" style is not too important, then try looking for the old GI Joe 1966 space capsule on the popular auction websites - it looks like a vague copy of a one-seater Mercury capsule. (I had one as a kid...) I just looked, and there is one going for under $50 here in the UK.

    However, if you can afford it and need to have a more modern design, drop me a PM!

  3. Dragoman
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    Another idea that would require less material would be something like a moon buggy. Could even be printed with turning wheels.