A Room With A View by Inspired By Architecture

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  1. IBA4 - A room with a view. Here you have room for thinking. You almost feel the quietness in this room. Available in Premium Silver, 14K Gold, Black Matte Steel, Raw Bronze, Gold plated Brass, Polished Brass.

    The material shown on the photo is polished brass.

    Inspired By Architecture is a jewellery brand representing architect made conceptual jewellery. The products are characterized by their urban minimalist style and how they communicate stories and symbolism.

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    Ohh my gosh, your shop is beautiful! Have you had a chance to try any of the new fancy metals yet? (I ask 4 days after they've been launched... :) )
  3. Hi Aimee,

    Thank you :) No, I have not tried to make prints in the new precious materials yet. The new precious materials are rather expensive just to print for photo shoots, so I need to get a certain amount of sales in the shop before investing in the new precious materials. At the moment I'm struggling to marketing the shop alongside designing new products. I think the toughest part is getting people aware of your shop.

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  4. aimeemoyer
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    The precious metals are definitely an investment - hopefully you'll get the chance soon!

    And we are here to help promote your shop! Your designs and photography are already really wonderful, so the hard part is already over. We can do all sorts of things to help you market - socialize your products, do a designer spotlight, feature your products on category pages, etc... we have a great community here to help!