A new way to smooth WSF?

Discussion in 'Finishing Techniques' started by dcyale, Apr 20, 2013.

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    I was painting a 1/87 scale dumspter and I wanted it smoother than the WSF finish, but I didn't want to spend a bunch of time sanding and I hit upon an idea I don't think I've seen mentioned here before. I put on a glove and smeared a thin coat of drywall compund on the surfaces. I let it dry a while, I used the pink compound that thurns white as it drys, and then scrapped the model with a tool I had lying around, and let it finish drying. After that I used my typical $1 acrylic crafft paints. It didn't give it a FUD finish, but a FUD version of two dumpsters is over $25 and a WSF version is just over $10. It won't be seen closer than 2 feet from the viewer and it's more than good enough for that.

    I should have tried airbrushing to see how thay would have come out, bbut I didn't feel like thinning the paint and cleaning the brush.

    So did I really discover something new, or did I just miss it in my search?

    The raw model:

    The painted model (showing my C- painting skills):

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    People have been using different kinds of putties for some time. OK, maybe you found yet another putty and you stopped before sanding as scrapping can give good surfaces, and that was good enough. So more like a variation than a new full theme. Thick acrylic paint also works as putty (look for gel, paste, heavy body, etc types), and edges of the "blobs" can be smoothed/blended with water for nice transitions.

    If "I did it" matters, ignore this paragraph. An HO dumspter in resin is probably less than 5. Yes, found it, 3.89, closed version or open full of garbage bags, so less than 8 for 2. Another company sells 3 for 13.75, but those are laser cut and need assembly, so more work but you can have them open and empty. And another place sells 2 for 12.95, plastic with decals. Just in case you want to maximize results and minimize cost, without caring about the source or designer.