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  1. ares0027
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    A friend of mine lost a pendant which was very important for her a few months ago and i am looking for a way to replace that as much as possible. So i am looking for someone, anyone to help me create a cat silhouette pendant for her.

    I have found an image that looks nice but i don't know if it is possible to create a nice pendant out of this ( and it can be a different one, but i think she would like this)

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  3. ares0027
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    thanks, if i can't find a designer i will definitely use that. i tried it and created two but i want the cat to be visible like on one but i can't think of a way to hold the pieces together

    This seems better as pendant but i dont know, it looks cheap to me
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  4. elopez3d
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    On the two shell pendant, you could add a stem that attaches from the head to the ring, and the bottom to the ring.
    Another route would be going the relief way. I think if you add a bevel, like the edge of a coin it would take away from the cheap look.
  5. ares0027
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    thanks for your tips :) I will try doing so.

    By the way I am not looking for a designer anymore. Thanks to anyone who took their time to send me messages :)