A möbius strip of Super Mario Bros. Level 1 ... ∞

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  1. joabaldwin
    joabaldwin New Member
    My new 3d-printed model, a mobius strip of Level 1 of Super Mario Bros., from beginning to end (end being the beginning, in an endless loop for poor Mario).

    The loop represents every block, turtle, cloud, and power-up in the level (except for when you go underground in the pipes, that's outside of regular space-time).

    I used an image of the whole map and used it as a texture for a plane inside Maya. Then I twisted the plane 180 degrees on the long axis, and bent it around its vertical axis by a factor of 3.1416, that made it into a mobius strip. I color-separated the image in Photoshop and made the sky black, the bricks white, and the in-between shapes in shades of gray, and used that to displace the plane geometry. It was a very heavy file because of this, 100Mb for a simple loop, since there are millions of displaced polygons. Then I uploaded my file to Shapeways, and they 3d-printed it in full-color, with a crazy high resolution.

    What do you guys think?

  2. Now that is awesome. Well done!

    How did the FCS material turn out? Are you pleased with the color results?
  3. joabaldwin
    joabaldwin New Member
    The material is great, the resolution incredible, but the color is not as saturated as I would've liked. The sky color especially, is a bit too warm compared to my file.
  4. Youknowwho4eva
    Youknowwho4eva Shapeways Employee Community Team
    My birthday is in 2 months if anyone is wondering what to get me! I LOVE this!
  5. natalia
    natalia New Member

    LOVE IT! Very clever
  6. cedricms
    cedricms New Member
    That is simply awesome, both in concept and realisation!

    Thanks by the way for the tutorial, it made for an interesting read :).
  7. Crissy
    Crissy New Member
    One Word: RAD!
  8. pdb
    pdb New Member
    Great stuff!
  9. BHuey
    BHuey New Member
    Looks great!

    How large is each individual block and how far out do they stick from the background? I'm trying to figure out how much non-text detail will show up with FCS.

  10. joabaldwin
    joabaldwin New Member
    BHuey: Each block is between 2 and 3/12 mm in length/height (depends if it's near the top or bottom, due to the distortion). The depth is a bit over 1mm for the blocks and 1/2mm for the pipes, clouds, and other background details.