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  1. WhiteHorseWorzel
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    Hi everyone, found this site after seeing examples of 3D modelling on a hobby website. Subsequently searched google and found this place. Still a little baffled by it all but hope to (through guidance) get to understand how all this 3D model production is all done and maybe Shapeways can produce some models/kits for me in 1/32 scale....

    Best Wishes.
  2. virtox
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    Hi there,

    Welcome !

    Once you get the hang of 3d-printing it is easy :)
    Good luck with you models/kits !

    If you have any questions, please check the support section in the bottom right of every page footer for handy links to tutorials and material options. Or you can always drop a line in the appropriate forum !

    Kind regards,

  3. Youknowwho4eva
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    We are more than happy to help you along. If you're not familiar with 3D design then I'd start with the free version of sketchup. Very easy to use and learn. You can make decent models with the full version, but you can make more amazing things with Blender or Truespace which are both free. But both of them are very difficult to learn (trust me I'm trying and I've been in the 3Dverse since 2004). Good luck. 3D design is not for everyone. Not everyone has the eye for 3D on a computer screen. But if you can make that leap this is the place for you. If not, there are many helpful people here that will help create things for you, and many co-creators for you to order personalized items. If you do need help modeling something, I for one will draw it up if I see that I could profit off the design and only charge you my mark up (usually between $1 & $2) to order it. If you get stuck with a model I along with others will also help you fix issues and give it back to you to sell on your own.
  4. WhiteHorseWorzel
    WhiteHorseWorzel New Member
    Thanks for the replies guys, will have to take a look at some of this software. I can't see it being very difficult for an 'expert eye' to do, a very simple dual rail chassis with cross members joining the two but I have yet to learn alot of stuff!