A few first-time printing questions

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  1. Hi, I just had a few quick (hopefully) questions about printing systems. All of my work is being done in 3ds Max and printed in WSF or WSF polished.

    I'm currently working on a character model and would like to use a few of the shapes to my advantage. I plan to make the torso hollow with two holes on the front. Then I plan to cover those holes up with two identical bumps with clips modeled into the bumps.

    These two bumps would be floating in 3d space beside the main model, but when going through the printing and shipping process should I have any fear that they, being small, could get separated or lost from the main? Also, should I worry about how tightly the clips fit?

    Also, I ordered a print yesterday of another model I had made. I was worried that separate objects, even if intersecting, would not print. Because of this, I merged them all to create a single, continuous mesh.
    To explain better, with an image, if I were to do this
    would it be acceptable, or would I need to combine these two separate objects into a continuous mesh like this?

    I want to use many hinge joints and a ball and socket joint on my character. These would have pretty small gaps, be printed assembled, and not be possible to take apart due to being designed closed off. Would the thin spaces be hard to clean during the printing process? How small should the gaps be between pieces to not be too tight of a fit due to friction, but not so loose that they can't stay in place on their own?

    Let me know if any of this makes no sense, thanks!
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    Ok lets see

    Q1 It would be best to make a small piece connecting them to the main body, that you can cut them off when it arrives.

    Q2 The Shapeways software automatically fuses intersecting bodies. So you also don't get charged for intersecting geometry twice.

    Q3 That's a hard one, I believe for WSF the minimum gap to keep parts from fusing is .5mm (check here http://www.shapeways.com/materials/) that doesn't make it very poseable.