A Couple Of Jewelry Fishies

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  1. Kaleidechse
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    This week I received a few more variations of my Shard Fish jewelry!

    Large Pendant in Stainless Steel, inverted version:


    Large Pendant in Black Premium Strong & Flexible, inverted version:


    Medium Earrings in Black Premium Strong & Flexible, inverted version:


    Small earrings in Raw Brass, normal version:



    The metal jewelry turned out just as I expected, and I'm really happy with them.

    The Black Premium Strong & Flexible looks great, too... However, there is a massive difference between the front and back side.
    The front is very smooth and shiny whereas the back looks matte and edgy.


    Although the back side is obviously truer to the 3D model, the front looks better for jewelry. So I'm not sure which one I prefer.

    But what worries me more is the question which side is considered the "front". The side which was polished on the pendant is the one I would normally consider the back side.

    I also ordered a set of the small, non-inverted version which has the same problem. Additionally, one of those earrings was polished on the wrong side so that both earrings are facing the same side instead of facing each other:


    So the bottom line is: I can confidently offer the metals in my shop, but the "Premium" Plastic is very risky at the moment.

    Is there a way for designers to specify which side gets polished?
    Could I do this via setting the print orientation, and if so, how would I need to orient the model?
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    I've always liked your Shard Fish design. I think it's my favorite out of your collection. And I really like how it looks as a steel pendant!

    I'm very surprised how different the two sides turned out with the plastic. Unfortunately, I don't have much experience with this material, so I can't offer any advice. o_O
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