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    First some logo plates for my tabletop army:

    The first test in White Detail and FUD.
    3D Druck01s.jpg

    In White Detail are missing some details. I know that, before printing, I just wanted to check the material, and how much detail is possible.

    In FUD you see that there is a Problem with the Surface. After searching in the forum, I fond the Problem: The Plates are wrong oriented. They standing on the side.

    I rotated the model, so that the laying on its back fixed the Problem:
    3D Druck02s.JPG

    Second: my Saurian/Dragon Skin Modeling Tool:

    FUD/FD is poorly to photograph :neutral:
    You see, or not: FD has frayed edges.

    Using "Green Stuff" modeling clay, with the tool.
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