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  1. ashleyb58
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    I am looking for a modeller that can do me a Halo Master Chief Helmet. Can I have a rough estimation aswell of how much it will cost. (It doesn't need to be a crash helmet just needs to be for wearing). I would like it made from plastic if possible. Here are all the faces: http://media.photobucket.com/image/halo%20master%20chief%20h elmet%20blueprints/nugget1123/Halo_Helmet_by_sparkycom.jpg

    and here is a finished product: http://www.gogaminggiant.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/halo -3-helmet1.jpg

    Please give me an estimate of your price first before making it.

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  2. Sparlin
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    I would be able to produce the model for you, but I must warn you that this won't be a cheap item to print. You would be looking at upwards of $1000 to print this (in WSF) at 1:1 scale, plus the cost of modelling it.




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  3. ashleyb58
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    I think i will take a pass on this then didn't think it would be this expensive. Sorry for any time wasted.

    Thanks anyway
  4. Sparlin
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    No worries! :p