A Bit Disappointed About Warped Output

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  1. The underside of my model (ca. 30cm in length) is bent:


    It comes off the ground by ca. 2mm. I used only rectangular shapes for my model, wall thickness was 3mm, and the material was "versatile plastic".

    Is this amount of warping normal? Is there anything I can do to avoid such results? I'm not expecting CNC type quality but I expected a flat bottom to turn out... flat.
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    You can add ribbing (and cost and material) to the bottom inside to help this for production parts. I like to use a hexagonal pattern for this. You can also build a jig to straighten the part, some people use heat. Searching will bring up a few examples. -S
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    Ribbit. :D
    30cm is "huge" when it comes to 3d printing, and the Nylon powder is laser-sintered at print chamber temperatures close to its melting point of 170 degrees celsius, and then allowed to cool down to room temperature as a semi-solid
    block of caked powder before the individual parts are extracted from it. A part that extends across most of at least one dimension of the block is likely to experience a pronounced temperature gradient along its length...
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