A basic Samsung Galaxy S3 case

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    Hi guys. At first, sorry for my bad english, I'm french and I'm not very skilled in english. :°

    I was recently looking for a case for my new Galaxy S3 phone. I had a nice idea, it would be so fantastic to create my own case on Blender, then order it with Shapeways. But I discovered I'm not skilled in modelisation with precise measurements. Indeed, if juste one little vertex is misplaced, my case will be good to put directly in the trash. :'<

    So, I'm looking for a generous person that possesses a 3D model of a basic case for Galaxy S3 (not necessarily a .blend), and could offer me. :blush: Or, if a skilled modeller could make it for me (I'm under 18, so if you want to be paid for that, I'll be a very little sum of money, with Paypal :( ). I don't want a complicated model, juste one basic, I'll customize it myself in Blender. ^^

    I hope somebody generous will see that, and will be able to help me.

    Thank you btw!

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  3. dolfinsbizou
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    oO I searched many times and I never found that! Thank you so much guy!