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    I tried to order the following to be printed in white strong and flexible:
    http://www.shapeways.com/model/1142792/funny-little-robot.ht ml?li=productBox-search

    It had been validated for 3d printing, but once it got to the printers I got the new information that it couldn't be printed, because of smaller-than-.7mm extrusions.

    Is this really the limit for all shapes printed in strong and flexible? I've seen other items that must be under that limit. I can understand a limit of the depth of a hollow object, for structural purposes, but if detail is so limited there is really no reason for me to be publishing anything here, detailed figurines would be impossible.

    Not to mention, instead of a refund, given that it's them that failed to inform me it was imprintable before i paid, I've got store credit back. Which is [useless/I] if I can't print my designs!

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    For details in WSF they can't be taller than they are wide. So if you have a detail that is .5mm thick, it must be no taller than .5mm. If they have a taper like yours, the taper should be at least 45 degrees.

    WSF does have detail properties, but if you want really detailed prints, you should try FD or FUD.

    We are working to improve our automated software. But it does not find thin sections yet. That has to be manually found. You can email service to get a refund.