60th Anniversary of the first summit of Mt Everest

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    60 years ago today, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, using supplemental oxygen, first summitted Mt. Everest. In commemoration, I've put together a model of the entire Mt. Everest massif (the peak iteself and surrounding ridges) for Shapeways. I've printed one in "White, Strong, Flexible" and am working on a Sandstone version.

    All 4 models:
    The 4" square one that I've printed:

    Data was originally from the Shuttle Radar Tomography Mission, but was cleaned up by the excellent caretakers at viewfinderpanoramas.org. I made it because I freaking love mountains. And because every box that appears on my doorstep from Shapeways has meant a happy evening exploring a new landscape from a novel point of view.