3x3 cm Pendants in Silver and FUD

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  1. CharGyse
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    I ordered a whole bunch of earrings, with the intention of using them for the pendant photos too.

    They didn't arrive with hooks though, I'm not sure if this is because I was supposed to do something for earrings to be sent with hooks or if Shapeways don't send hooks out anymore?

    Anyway, I'll post some of the pictures I took of them today as necklace pendants here. I may have to take a few new ones for some of them, I rushed through in excitement so some got blurred without me realising!

    I'll also take some photos after I've done something about the waxy residue on the FUD. I quite like it, but chances are it would wear off eventually or make a little mess, so I'll try cleaning it off to see how they look.

    There are a few artefacts left over from the printing and casting processes and some of them are a little warped, but I think they're okay for the purpose of pendants like these.

    Four Petal Flower in FUD

    Sixteen Petals in FUD

    Suspended Coin in Silver

    Eight Petals Crossed in Silver

    All of the Pendants I received

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  2. CharGyse
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  3. CharGyse
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    I wanted to post the pictures of the 7th design in the series separately.

    In FUD, it's got some white stuff on the edge and one petal on the front and back of the piece. Based on the size of it and it's relationship to the print lines, I think it is from the support material for the cross shape in the centre of the piece, which is raised from the surface of the petals by 0.3mm.


    There are similar, much more subtle marks on the Silver version, I expect from the support material used in creating the cast model. In this photo they run from the cross towards the right all the way to the edge.


    I think I will have to change the .STL file so that the cross is not raised up and is instead depressed into the face, to prevent these marks from ruining the symmetry of the design in FUD.

    As for the artefacts I found on some of the other Silver designs, they don't bother me as they appear less mechanical - little surface cracks and tiny raised dots in random places (you can see one in the Silver photo of Four Petals Bound above) that I suppose are from things that happened to the original models before they were cast. They are subtle enough not not ruin the look and I quite like them.

    One turned up a bit white on the surface all over though (the one on the left below), and a slightly different texture to its partner. Not sure what exactly this is due to. They make an odd couple. I tried scraping it a bit and the surface underneath is a normal shiny silver.

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  4. MichaelMueller
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    Great project! I like the idea of using one basic shape with variations so endless combinations can be build.
    Did you print it in stainless steel, too?
  5. CharGyse
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    I've been wearing both a Silver and FUD "Suspended Coin" on a necklace chain today. When I showed it to my friend and passed her the rest on a ribbon to look at, she started layering different ones on top of each other saying how some of them made really good combinations. And she talked about linking them together by their corners with little metal links, which is exactly what I'd like to see people do :)

    She asked if other shapes were possible, like an oval, and I said yep - any design you can draw with a compass and ruler can be easily prototyped in the software I've been using.

    As for Stainless Steel, I haven't got them printed in it yet. I modelled them with the highly detailed properties and small minimum wall thickness's of FUD and Silver in mind, so they're too thin with a minimum wall thickness of 0.6mm on the thinnest parts (the white bits on the FUD ones) for Stainless Steel.

    I do want to play with Stainless Steel though, it looks lovely in the photos I've seen of others' models printed in it. I think I'd like to try styles that look similar, but with the back and front faces slightly curved or quite curved instead of flat to make the most of the organic feeling of the layering... I suppose I'd have to be careful with the distances between the holes too.
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  7. MichaelMueller
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  8. CharGyse
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    Thank you Michael :)

    I think I will try scaling up the depths of the models so that the thinnest 0.6mm parts are 2mm, and the thickest 1.2mm parts are 4mm, and see how that goes.
  9. CharGyse
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    I've added a photo of the earrings "in action" to the Four Petal Flower earrings page. The vertical lines are there because my camera is a little bit broken... but I kind of like it. Reminds me of the print lines on the models. That said... I think when I can get my hands on a better camera to play with, I will probably update the photos to clearer, better quality ones.

  10. lensman
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    Haha, those lines in the photo actually look very artistic and planned!
    Wish I could model my own jewellery but earrings wouldn't look so good on my old mug!