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Discussion in 'Software and Applications' started by LKmedia, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. LKmedia
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    I am looking for a certain max plugin which helps you with manifold checking and other stuff. There was a link here somewhere on this site but I cannot find it back. So for future searches I hope this thread will be found with the plugin mentioned below. Thanks in advance.
  2. virtox
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  3. LKmedia
    LKmedia New Member
    Thank you very much. This is the one I was looking for.

    Yes, the manifold check is weak in speed but you usually just need to check the lowpoly beginning mesh. The resulting object should stay being a manifold if not heavily altered (deleting polies, sewing edges,etc.).

    Thanks again.
  4. Sol3
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    Maybe I'm missing something here, but Max has a modifier called STL Check, which will tell you of any holes or errors in your objects.

    Go to the Modify tab and scroll down the modifiers list to find it.
  5. WelshDesigns
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    Yeah, I use STL check all the time, and have never had issues as long as I fix anything it shows me. It doesn't list "manifold" (in my Max version anyway) but if you select all errors, it's obvious what to fix afterwards. I've written a small script that does a weld verts, and STL check all in one, and I use it all the time, works great.
  6. virtox
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    Yeah the STL check is quite a good error check, I use it often myself.

    I don't remember, but there were a few situations where it gave a "no errors" message, but shapeways didn't accept them.
    So I built that brute force version into the script.

    But it's mains purpose was of course the volume and pricing stuff.

  7. Sol3
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    Yes, I'm sorry, I forgot that your plugin had other functions specific to Shapeways. :blush: